I love to work together with artists to try and fully realise their ideas and turn them into finished music. I am used to working with a wide range of music from various strains of pop through to dance, indie and world music. I am also used to joining a project at any stage, from early demos to almost finished pieces, that are missing that elusive something to turn them into great tracks. I especially enjoy collaborating with singers but also have a great deal of experience working with bands, DJs, etc.

What I try and bring to a project is:
— My knowledge of musical arrangement to get the basics of structure, harmony, etc working well.
— My love of sound to bring a rich and interesting sonic palette to the production and give it strong character to stand out from the bland.
— My recording skills to get well-recorded vocals/instruments/etc into tracks as required.
— My experience of getting a mix right so that the finished track will show the track in it’s best possible light.

Here are some examples of some of the tracks I have produced:

Ellie Lawson – ‘Change the Way

I worked with Ellie Lawson on four tracks in summer 2011. She sent me some demo’s:

I took the basic parts and tried to give the tracks a kind of ‘exotic-folk/pop’ flavour. We then met up for some recording and mixed the tracks. It all came together quite quickly.

Here is the finished mix:

Mama Shamone – ‘Over

I was asked to give this track a more ‘in your face’ mix and add in some dancey, electronic elements. I was given the parts by their record label and never actually met them.

Here is the original mix I was sent:

And here is my mix:

Mahala Rai Banda – ‘The man who drinks‘ remix

This is a remix I did for Belgian label Crammed Disks for their Electric Gypsyland vol 2 compilation.
The original sounds like this:

I wanted to keep the great musical ideas and energy from the original but give it a more dancefloor orientated mix. Cymbalom is one of my favourite instruments so it was great to be able to make it a key part of the remix.

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